Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So I'm having a meal with my father and at the next table, a man sits down followed by a very pregnant woman.  His woman, I assume.  I proceed to eat my meal and notice that for 95% of the time before their food arrives, he plays on his phone.   
Texting. Facebooking.Whatever.
Their food arrives. He looks at food. He looks down and only looks at his food.

I just read somewhere that direct eye-contact might be too much for men, like it's too intimate or something.  What? You've had your                  inside of her. (I am thinking penis, fingers, and tongue are all appropriate for the fill-in-the-blank above.) So let's restate: Sir, you have had, at the very least, your penis inside of her vagina and looking her in the eyes while you speak to her is too much? You can't respect her enough to glance up while you answer any questions or take notice of her hair or outfit?

I don't understand men. I don't understand women who would let this go. Now I know that I've had another post about a guy spending all of his time on the phone while the couple was dining, but they at least were making eye contact from time to time.

I think men need to step it up.  Having a meal with someone is a communal thing: a time for relationship bonding, sharing common interests, telling a joke. And there you are stuck on Twitter? You do want to have sex again sometime, don't you? Maybe the answer is no. I guess it doesn't matter because I won't be having sex with him.

Fact is I'd like to have sex again sometime. But not with anyone I've met recently. Like at all. My boyfriend list is filled with people that are interesting and fun and I've never met. The fact that they already have beautiful partners (probably) and are rich and famous really doesn't matter. I haven't met them, so they have yet to disappoint me.

Yep, I'm never having sex with a partner again. Woo me!

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